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Starwars musical instrument

So of course I thought of you padawansguide !

Millennium Falcon guitar

Happy 4th of July everyone!

In honor of the holiday I'm grilling Thai peanut chicken, we're swimming, watching Liberty's Kids, making little rockets and lighting sparklers.  Whee!

Evil Dr. Homey

We have a great tendancy towards nicknames. For a while now we've been calling Homey " Evil Dr. Homey." I have no idea how or when this started but this morning we discovered her wearing a rather sinister goatee...

So there may be some truth to those rumors of world domination and fantastic disguise after all.

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Kindle gelskin

I just had to show off my kindles new skin...

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Cute hat

I got this from claires or icing I forget which. I altered it a bit by sewing the sides up to make it a tricorn type shape. I thought it would be a cute Victorian-esque one.

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Costume con 29 and 30

Just thought I'd post a little info about CC29 and CC30.  The CC29 (2011) website is up and running; the Con has a Broadway theme you can check it out here.

For those who don't know CC30 (2012) has been moved and will NOT be in Pittsburgh, PA as originally planned.  You can read the post made about the change here.  It will now be in Phoenix AZ, the new website is here.

The lure of Mr. Darcy extends even to mice

"In one of the more bizarre homages to Jane Austen, biologists have named a protein in mice urine after her famed character Mr. Darcy from the novel "Pride and Prejudice."

Much like Mr. Darcy had a magnetic pull on Elizabeth Bennet (and countless readers), the protein is a pheromone responsible for attracting female mice to the odor of a particular male. The scientists dubbed the protein "darcin" after the character from Austen's 1813 novel."

Jonah Hex

I just caught a preview for Jonah Hex on TV, looks like a fun, slightly steam-punky western.  Look at this cute saloon girl-esque outfit on Megan Fox - and her amazingly tiny waist!

Bronte Action Figures

This seems like it has to be something  beatonna  dreamed up...thanks to ashamanja_babu   for finding it.

High style

From the Brooklyn museum costume collection book " high style" is this to die for or what?

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